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Phonics & Grammar

Introducing the captivating world of phonics and grammar. These snapshots beautifully capture the enthusiasm and engagement of students as they delve into the fascinating realms of language and communication. The pictures depict children eagerly participating in phonics activities, decoding words, and mastering the sounds of language. In the realm of grammar, the images showcase students constructing sentences, exploring sentence structures, and embracing the intricacies of language rules. These pictures provide a glimpse into the vibrant learning environment where children thrive, grow, and develop essential language skills.

Extra Curricular

Art, crafts, felt & clay.

Welcome to a world of creativity and imagination captured in mesmerizing pictures of art, crafts, felt, and clay activities! These captivating images showcase the boundless possibilities and the joy of hands-on artistic exploration. Each picture tells a unique story of young artists immersed in a world of colors, textures, and endless inspiration. From vibrant paintings and intricately crafted crafts to the soft touch of felt and the malleability of clay, these pictures capture the essence of artistic expression.


Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas & More!

Step into a world of festive joy and cherished memories with captivating pictures of special events like birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and more! These enchanting snapshots encapsulate the spirit of celebration, capturing the excitement and happiness that radiate during these cherished occasions. The pictures reveal a kaleidoscope of colors, costumes, decorations, and heartfelt moments shared with loved ones. From the wide-eyed wonder of a child blowing out birthday candles to the thrill of Halloween costumes and the warmth of gathering around the Christmas tree, each image preserves the essence of these remarkable events. 


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