Phonics 1

Level 1

Learn to blend and segment while completing the core sounds.

Phonics 2

Level 2

Learn alternative spellings and new sounds. Focus on reading and writing sentences.

Phonics 3

Level 3

Learn alternative spellings and new sounds. Focus on reading and writing sentences. 


Personalized Classes

Beyond Worksheets

Our Phonics Programme

Welcome to our comprehensive phonics programme, a culmination of over a decade of teaching experience and expertise in early childhood education. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our programme is designed to cater to the diverse needs of all children, recognizing that each child is unique, with their own distinct learning styles and preferences. Our phonics programme comes with fun learning videos and worksheets that work hand in hand in creating a vibrant and enjoyable learning environment. These resources add an extra dimension to our programme, making learning both educational and entertaining for children of all ages.



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Session Duration : 30 mins

Consultation Duration : 15 mins

Fee : RM120/session 



Phonics Books

Beyond Worksheets

Our books (Set 1 – 5) include everything you need to get your students started with reading and spelling using sounds. It includes :

1. Handwriting practice
2. Reading & Spelling practice (Dictation)
3. Colouring
4. Additional practice worksheets
5. Instructions and answers
6. Additional activities for each sound