About Us – Enrichment Classes


At Precious Years, we offer a friendly , caring and safe learning environment, highly experienced and professional teachers, mixed-nationality classes, all coursebooks and teaching materials. Our classroom kit contains a comprehensive set of classroom resources to teach the skills for reading and writing.

We teach Phonics to children aged 4 years onwards, introducing the 42 letter sounds and main alternative spellings of vowels plus tricky words. Besides that we also teach them the 5 key skills for reading and writing.

Children will be able to gain confidence, become fluent readers, and produce more independent writing earlier by learning the essential phonic skills.

After learning phonics, we continue to the next stage which is grammar, spelling and punctuation lessons for the next 5 years. We help children develop an understanding of how grammar works. We use a systematic approach to the teaching of language structure.

We also offer phonics and English classes for adults. Our phonics classes are customized in a way to help foreign students understand the 42 sounds and help improve their pronunciation. From there on, we move into grammar, vocabulary and comprehension lessons.


1. Phonics

2. Grammar

3. Art & Craft

4. Creative Writing

5. Reading Explorers – Comprehension

6. Felt Creations

7. Art & Craft

8. Hourly Drop Off Playcare

9. English Classes for Adults

10. Holiday Programmes